Monday 20 April 2009

Virtualisation Bucks the Recession Trend

Virtualisation bucks the recession trend:

As the recession bites, for the first time IDC has predicted a slowdown in storage spending. However latest reports show that the virtualisation and storage virtualisation markets continue to grow:

We see this trend echoed at DataCore with data still exponentially growing as a by-product of any operating business, but with IT managers becoming more disconcerting with signing off what where considered previously as organic IT spends. Largely this used to simply involve throwing more external disk to combat data growth on the network. Virtualisation and hence consolidation has changed all that with IT managers able to meet the business data growth needs by reutilising external storage solutions already in their network. We are now seeing that the market is beginning to understand that they can meet their demands within their new budgets by layering cost effective high performance storage software on commodity servers. This is now becoming more common to implement it with existing storage to extend its life by supplementing additional power and flexibility, but also we are seeing customers choosing lower cost storage that when combined with storage software provides the required capacity and performance.

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