Saturday 2 May 2009

DataCore ships 64-bit SANmelody 3.0 and SANsymphony 7.0 storage software solutions

Computer Technology Review Article

For presentation on latest capabilities, please see:
DataCore New Release Presentation

The new product highlights include x64 versions, a new "Transporter" feature allowing for conversion between the different flavors of physical and virtual servers, a pioneering, waste-free space reclamation capability for thin provisioning, and ground-breaking support for "mega caches" that deliver lightning-fast (electronic memory speed), storage performance.

"The x64 versions of SANmelody and SANsymphony materially improve performance, and utilization for virtual infrastructure shared storage especially through their ability to create very large memory-based caches," said Jack Fegreus, CEO, openBench Labs, a Southborough, Massachusetts-based consultancy and product testing firm. "More importantly innovations such as the new Transporter continue to make DataCore a provider of simplifying and consolidating virtual infrastructure management, which is the most critical area for IT cost savings. DataCore's combining these features into a server-centric approach is the wave of the future for virtual infrastructure as integration increases between SANs and servers."

"DataCore is one of a few vendors that is answering user demand to do more with less. With solutions like this you can not only drive down capital (capital expenditure) costs, while improving reliability you can also improve administrator and operational (operating expenditure) efficiency by centralizing storage operations to a single platform," states George Crump, founder and senior analyst, Storage Switzerland.

DataCore solutions enable customers to enhance, optimize and consolidate their storage infrastructure and to get more productivity out of their existing systems. DataCore consolidates and optimizes storage resources by 60 percent, while accelerating performance. For lightning-fast performance, DataCore enables memory speed caching to accelerate read/write access, so more work can be accomplished in the same given time.

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