Monday 4 January 2010

2 TB max VVol size ... busted! Top News of the Day - DataCore Rocks in 2010 with 1 Petabyte Support

2 TB max VVol size ... busted!

DataCore Super-Sizes Virtual Disks (Up to 1PB)
With its latest storage virtualization software

DataCore Software responds to market demands, this time by stretching the size of its virtual disks from 2 Terabytes (TBs) to 1 Petabyte (PB).

“Rather than inch up to 4 or 16 TBs as others are considering, DataCore made the strategic design choice to blow the roof off the capacity ceiling with 1 Petabyte LUNs,” commented Augie Gonzalez, Director of Product Marketing, DataCore Software. “But we’re still frugal on the back-end, using thin-provisioning to minimize how much real capacity has to be in place day one.”

Performance wise, these immense virtual disks benefit from DataCore’s 1 TB per node, 64-bit 'mega-caches.' “You can be big, and very fast too,” added Gonzalez.

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