Tuesday 18 May 2010

Solution resilience: What is DataCore High Availability with Synchronous Mirroring?

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High Availability - Where is your weakest link?
It surprises me how often I see companies spending money (large amounts) on technology to make their core business applications resilient to infrastructure failure, but fail to build redundancy into all critical infrastructure components. See complete post and diagrams at:

So, what is DataCore High Availability with Synchronous Mirroring?
In simple terms, DataCore HA with Synchronous Mirroring protects and ensures data from ANY single component failure in the storage solution, including environmental, back-end disks, DataCore storage controllers and IO channels.

Not only that, but additional levels of redundancy can be achieved at each layer of the storage the full post and examine a number of failure scenarios at:

Failure resilience scenario's
A Healthy Solution:
Two node configuration, redundant mirror channels, redundant disk channels, redundant app channels.
Can be geographically separated - Whether racks, rooms, building, states.

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