Friday 9 July 2010

Virtualisation Partners See DataCore Software as Pivotal to an Overall Virtualisation Strategy

J4 Systems realizes importance of DataCore’s virtualisation approach

J4 Systems Inc., is a good example of a virtualisation oriented solution provider that has realized the importance of virtualizating storage solutions along with desktops and servers. New J4 Systems customers that have deployed DataCore to virtualize storage resources include Admail West, Antonini Enterprises LLC, California Bankers, Cross Petroleum, Grafil Inc., Porter Scott, Resource Capital Inc., Silicon Valley Sports & Entertainment, and Tesco Controls Inc., among others.

"DataCore has helped tremendously in empowering us with what customers need in order to make their virtualization projects successful," states Tiffany Sequeira, Chief Operating Officer, J4 Systems. "The marketplace at large is recognizing that virtualization projects are indeed three-dimensional and that storage is as vital as the other dimensions, if not more so. DataCore takes storage to the next level, protects existing storage investments and delivers genuine value to users by boosting productivity, utilization and performance through device independent software that safeguards their business from costly disruptions due to storage failures."

DataCore develops software-based solutions that virtualize storage. Virtual servers and desktops depend on shared disks. Without them, system administrators cannot migrate virtual machines, fail-over workloads or start up sessions on a completely different desktop. DataCore virtualization solutions enable system and network administrators to provision, share, reconfigure, migrate, replicate, expand and upgrade storage without slowdowns or downtime.

"We rely on DataCore software to pool our existing storage assets into a highly available, shared storage configuration," states Steve Bradley, Network Administrator, Rocklin Unified School District. "We selected DataCore because we saw the value and the power of virtualizing across all makes and models of storage devices in a manner that is cost effective, device independent and puts to use equipment already in place."

According to Chris Whitaker, IT Manager, Ahtna Government Services Corporation, "What won the day was the fact that DataCore offers a software-based, device-independent solution whereby we get infrastructure-wide functionality that runs across unlike and incompatible devices, without slowdowns or downtime. This rich set of advanced virtualization services from DataCore delivers the highest availability and best use of resources at the most favorable cost. DataCore virtualization technology hits on all cylinders for us. And their customer support is just exemplary."

In addition to Rocklin Unified School District and Ahtna Government Services Corp., other J4 Systems customers that benefited form cost-savings, flexibility, productivity and risk mitigation include American Building Supply, AWI Management Corp., Borges Architectural Group, California School Employees Association, Chelsio Communications, Citizens Bank of Northern California, City of Elk Grove Police Department, Composite Engineering Inc., Corn Products International, County Medical Services Program, Delta Blood Bank, Document Fulfillment Services, Ecorp Consulting Inc., Hose & Fittings ETC., Loomis Union Unified School District, PFU Systems Inc., Qualys Inc., Risse Mechanical, Robbjack Corp., Schuering Zimmerman & Doyle LLP, Stanislaus Union School District, Stockton East Water District, The CBM Group, Therapeutic Research, Trans Cal Insurance Services, Visionapp, and more.

"We find that DataCore virtualization software has become a very mission-critical part of the way we shape the long-term IT plans of our customers," notes Sequeira. "Yes a lot of customers are talking about virtualization. But it is how they are applying virtualization that is really relevant. Initially, our customers are typically using DataCore to attain high-availability. Then, they add a third DataCore-powered SAN to ensure disaster recovery. The bottom-line is that DataCore storage virtualization software enables virtualization initiatives to become reality for our customer base. And the reason for this is because DataCore’s solutions provide the high-availability required to keep businesses running out-of-the-box as well as a future path whereby DataCore makes disaster recovery both possible and economically viable."

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