Friday 26 August 2011

DataCore Announces SANsymphony-V Storage Hypervisor

Virtual Strategy Magazine: DataCore Introduces SANsymphony-V Storage Hypervisor

“The sprawl and multiplication of storage systems and the rising number of specialty devices are now the norm. The intelligence of a storage hypervisor provides a strategic advantage to managing the many as one,” said George Teixeira, president and CEO of DataCore Software. “SANsymphony-V enables users to take control of how their storage infrastructure evolves versus being subject to the dictates of tactical point-in-time decisions.”

“DataCore’s storage hypervisor significantly improves system performance and extends the life of our existing storage investments. The infrastructure-wide features fill in for missing device level functionality while efficiently automating and simplifying administration,” said Dave Patel, chief operating officer, CompuTech City. “From the standpoint of future hardware expansion and refreshes, DataCore gives us a powerful bargaining chip to shop for the best value without being locked in by choices we made in the past.”

“Server hypervisors from the likes of VMware and Microsoft have changed the game for users in their selection and exploitation of computing platforms by making them simultaneously more flexible and practically interchangeable. DataCore’s SANsymphony-V storage hypervisor brings those same advantages to storage infrastructures by leveraging the full potential of – and often adding extra capabilities to – the collective strength of existing storage devices, without relying on some unlikely level of co-operation among the storage vendors,” said Mark Peters, senior analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group.

DataCore Adds Storage Hypervisor to Speed Storage Virtualization

DataCore Software
, which specializes in storage virtualization and iSCSI SAN software, has launched the DataCore Storage Hypervisor. The move builds upon DataCore’s auto-tiering offering, according to President, CEO and Co-Founder George Teixeira. DataCore says channel partners are embracing the company’s software to (1) head off storage-related obstacles that stall virtualization deals, (2) speed adoption and standardization of virtual infrastructure and (3) increase share of wallet across storage and virtualization.

In this latest move, DataCore is “bringing out more openness in auto-tiering and its ability to integrate with other features,” said Teixeira. He said the DataCore Storage Hypervisor’s greatest feature is that it can “play across many different platforms,” because today’s data centers require specialized equipment to meet the different nuances of various customer workloads.

“From an MSP standpoint, they have two kinds of storage cases,” added DataCore Software Director of Product and Channel Marketing Augie Gonzalez. “They either buy the same type of storage and have multiples of it, or they have different storage levels because they support a lot of different systems. People are throwing purpose-built storage solutions at the problem.” Gonzalez claims the DataCore Storage Hypervisor can support both scenarios.

Among the challenges facing DataCore: Making sure the company’s storage virtualization strategy stands apart from all the different storage and virtualization claims floating around the IT industry. “The term [storage virtualization] has become so diluted. We are trying to make it clearer,” Teixeira said. Both Teixeira and Gonzalez said DataCore’s definition is more in line with Microsoft, Citrix Systems and VMware, meaning a rich set of features across many platforms.

DataCore has made multiple moves in recent months. In late July 2011, the company was promoting a virtualized storage solution for its SMB and MSP clients. A week later DataCore launched an auto-tiering solution for MSPs, a technology normally reserved for high-end storage needs.

DataCore Introduces SANsymphony-V Storage Hypervisor

DataCore Software, the industry’s premier provider of storage virtualization software, announced today major enhancements to its centrally-managed SANsymphony™- V solution. Combined, these new features elevate SANsymphony-V to the role of storage hypervisor, placing customers in the unique position to fully leverage their existing storage assets, including direct-attached storage (DAS), storage area networks (SAN) and solid state disks (SSD), and negotiate the best deals among competing storage manufacturers without concern for long-standing hardware vendor lock-ins.

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