Friday 7 October 2011

More Coverage on DataCore Extends Storage Hypervisor Tiering to Cloud Storage

Combining Storage Virtualization with Unprecedented Cloud Storage Flexibility

The business case for storage virtualization software isn’t new. System administrators have always sought best of breed data storage from a choice of storage vendors and a centralized management framework. With a variety of data storage devices available today, ranging from high-performance SSD and Flash cards to low-cost SATA arrays, a seamless way to automatically tier data across the diversity of storage devices and purpose-built arrays can maximize utilization and cost-efficiency. Hardware interchangeability and auto-tiering empower consumers with greater cost controls and buying power. In addition, there are numerous benefits to an enterprise-class software stack that includes data replication and disaster recovery in a footprint that persists across storage system upgrades, with no need to ever change data management interfaces and policies.

DataCore SANsymphony-V
is offered by the pioneer and established leader in the storage virtualization segment and is the industry’s first storage hypervisor that provides all of the above benefits and much more. This week, DataCore’s storage virtualization software added the flexibility of Cloud Storage to its list of features with the announcement that every copy of SANsymphony-V now bundles a TwinStrata Cloudarray virtual appliance. The combination enables companies to achieve true ‘open market’ buying power across their portfolio of storage investments; TwinStrata extends the cost-saving value propostion to a broad and impressive selection of public and private cloud storage providers. Read More...

InfoStor:DataCore Extends SANsymphony-V to the Cloud

DataCore Software announced Tuesday that it has enhanced its SANsymphony-V storage hypervisor product to enable users to store less-important data to be automatically in the cloud, leaving more space on local storage infrastructure for high-priority data.

SANsymphony-V storage hypervisor provides a comprehensive set of storage control and monitoring functions that provide a transparent, virtual layer across consolidated disk pools.

It manages and optimizes different levels of storage, including memory, solid-state drives (SSD), and hard-disk drives (HDD) so that the most appropriate data is stored in the most appropriate tiers -- and now SANsymphony-V also works with cloud storage tiers, according to DataCore.

"Basically, DataCore's SANsymphony-V storage hypervisor has a function called auto-tiering which can set and prioritize data storage tiers ... "The problem, until now, [has been the lack of] the ease in doing this and storage costs ... The cloud is an ideal option because of its low storage costs"...

Enterprise Systems: DataCore Extends Storage Hypervisor Tiering to Cloud Storage

Architecture manages, optimizes tiers of storage; provides cloud gateway for backup, archive, and low-cost, off-premise tiered cloud storage.

DataCore Software has extended its storage hypervisor architecture with functionality that empowers enterprise customers to optimize the utilization and performance of their on-site assets and take full advantage of low cost, virtually unlimited “pay-as-you-go” storage in the cloud. The DataCore SANsymphony -V storage hypervisor now integrates seamlessly with the CloudArray cloud storage gateway from TwinStrata, a cloud-based data storage provider, allowing a simple, transparent, and cost-effective way to manage, offload, and augment on-premise storage environments with space- and power-saving storage located in the cloud.

Computer Technology Review: DataCore extends storage hypervisor tiering to provide enterprises with cloud storage

WebHost: Storage Virtualization Provider DataCore Adds TwinStrata CloudArray to Software Package

“SANsymphony-V was designed to help customers get the maximum performance, availability and utilization from the storage devices in their data centers,” Carlos Carreras, VP of alliances at DataCore said in a statement. “By bundling the TwinStrata CloudArray appliance with our SANsymphony-V, we give our customers even more flexibility and greater cost control by enabling them to include cloud storage in their virtual storage architecture.”

According to the press release, the bundle includes 1TB TwinStrata Cloud Array Virtual Appliance (a $2995 value), data compression/deduplication, at-rest/in-flight encryption, snapshotting, disaster recovery, bandwidth optimization and scheduling and choice of cloud service providers.

The package is also upgradable to handle perabytes of data and includes 30 days free cloud storage.

SNSeurope: TwinStrata and DataCore deliver industry-first storage virtualization to incorporate Cloud storage

DataCore, the premier provider of storage virtualization software, is bundling a free, one-terabyte TwinStrata CloudArray virtual appliance with the DataCore SANsymphony™-V storage hypervisor software to provide a fast and secure way for organizations to scale their storage infrastructure more cost effectively using cloud storage.

“TwinStrata and DataCore are making it possible for users to easily include cloud storage as a transparent extension of their existing data center storage environment,” said Terri McClure, senior analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group. “This gives companies greater control over storage performance and helps control costs by making it easy to tier their storage across the absolute widest range of resources, from high-performance SSD arrays and legacy disk arrays, to scalable, cost-effective cloud storage.”

ChannelEMEA: DataCore provides seamless access to cost effective Cloud Storage

DataCore’s SANsymphony-V storage hypervisor is unique in its ability to provide an architecture that manages, optimises and spans all the different price-points and performance levels of electronic and mechanical storage, including electronic memory, SSDs, disk devices and cloud storage tiers. Amongst its comprehensive features is advanced automated tiering of disks. This option automatically relocates disk blocks among pools of different storage devices, keeping demanding workloads operating at peak speeds. Less critical and infrequently accessed disk blocks naturally gravitate towards lower cost disks.

With the transparent integration of CloudArray, DataCore customers use what they believe are on-premise iSCSI disks whose contents are located remotely on a cloud storage provider of their choice. This allows less critical tiered storage, backups and archive data to be cost-effectively placed in cloud storage that can grow almost limitlessly and with pay-as-you-go tiers, while offering additional savings in space, power and cooling.

Additional features include:

Seamless integration between Cloud Array and SANsymphony-V in minutes;
Easily downloadable virtual software appliance;
Data deduplication and compression;
Data backup and recovery - on-site, off-site or in the cloud;
Secure AES 256-bit advanced encryption standard for both at-rest and in-flight data protection;
Disk caching to boost performance and enhance speed-matching to off-site cloud storage;
Bandwidth optimisation and scheduling controls;
and Choice of cloud storage providers, including such leaders as Amazon Web Services, AT&T Synaptic Storage, Windstream Hosted Solutions, PEER 1 Hosting, Nirvanix and OpenStack.

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