Friday 9 March 2012

Amnet Deploys DataCore's SANsymphony-V Storage Hypervisor to Expand Its Cloud Platform

Amnet has used the DataCore's storage virtualization software from 2009 and has benefitted from its VMware and EMC environments and made a successful transition to cloud computing. Walsh continued, "I've never seen a product as versatile as DataCore's storage hypervisor. Performance acceleration gives us more 'bang' for our storage buck. We get a disaster-proof backup and replication system at a fraction of the cost. And, the ability to change SAN storage vendors at any time gives us the future-proofing on tech investments we need to support continued rapid growth."

...Walsh went on to say, "Today, we support thousands of users running within multiple private cloud computing grids across the country. We are 100 percent virtualized, with multiple backend storage models and varied vendor technology, all underpinned by DataCore's technology. And now, we've got a backup and replication platform that'll allow us to continue to grow, while maintaining the performance and reliability our customers expect, built at a fraction of the cost of a purpose built system. This has been a great partnership.”

Virtualization World 365: Amnet Technology Solutions enlists DataCore Software’s SANsymphony-V Storage Hypervisor’s-SANsymphony-V-Storage-Hypervisor
Amnet Technology Solutions has deployed the latest version of SANsymphony™-V storage hypervisor (version 8.1) to meet an increasing demand for offsite replication and disaster recovery. A cloud based IT and audio/video technology service provider (SP), Amnet enlisted DataCore’s newest technology to build a scalable, easy-to-use backup and replication platform that rivals the speed of purpose-built backup systems at a cost savings of 30 percent.

“We looked at a lot of backup appliances and found they can be very expensive, particularly when you get in the 100 terabyte range,” explained Ed Walsh, director of engineering at Amnet Technology Solutions. “DataCore’s SANsymphony-V can replicate remotely to any device. The performance acceleration it offers shrinks backup times, allowing many more jobs to be completed in a specific window. Furthermore, the cost savings - compared to the purpose-built solutions we evaluated - is phenomenal.”

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