Thursday 17 May 2012

Storage hypervisor makes cloud storage fast, affordable and reliable
Cloud providers like to tout how quickly and easily they can scale their environments to meet customer demands, but nothing puts that to the test like cloud storage growth. Even outside of the cloud, storage demands can easily spiral out of control, and there comes a point when it's no longer economical for a provider to keep adding boxes. Anticipating that challenge before launching its cloud services in 2009, deployed DataCore Software's storage hypervisor, SANsymphony-V, a platform that credits for providing its customers with 900 days of consecutive, uninterrupted uptime.

In this case-study podcast, site editor Jessica Scarpati gets a crash course on storage hypervisors from George Teixeira, CEO of DataCore Software, before diving into the details of's deployment with Jeffrey Slapp, vice president of virtualization services at the Florida-based cloud and managed services provider.

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