Monday 9 July 2012

DataCore Software Rolls Out SANsymphony-V 9.0 Storage Hypervisor for the Cloud 

The latest version of SANsymphony provides a number of new capabilities to help organizations that are planning private cloud deployments. The solution is also suitable for large data centers that are seeking cloud-like services, and cloud service providers (CSPs) may also benefit in developing public, private and hybrid cloud offerings.
The company has also introduced a new program designed for CSPs, who wish to create cloud storage infrastructure using the SANsymphony solution. The latest version of SANsymphony enables CSPs to call IaaS functions in order to satisfy each of their clients' individual storage needs. DataCore's storage hypervisor offers a wide range of capabilities that may be centrally managed to work throughout an infrastructure.
Storage devices may be profiled and organized into different tiers and optimized dynamically to maximize the use of more expensive or higher performance assets. Virtual disks are also set up and taken down on cue, reclaiming space when the process is finished. The solution offers complete control and visibility of infrastructure via IaaS modules that may be integrated with server hypervisors from VMware and Microsoft, as well as a number of systems and management products like Microsoft Systems Center Operations Manager and VMware vCenter.
SANsymphony-V 9.0 may also be scaled up and out, automatically adapting quickly to new requirements without any disruption. Key storage elements beyond disk space are enabled, including the horsepower to multiply IOPS, throughput and caches. And the solution's central management console also scales according to needs to support operations on large groups of related objects while also enabling experts to troubleshoot and fine-tune on a granular basis.
Additional capabilities include pooling of distributed storage assets, agnostic to vendor make or model or whether they are co-located or situated far away. This design harnesses the value of purpose-built storage devices and also eliminates management confusion and complexity. Other features include automatic storage tiering and automatic load balancing, which leads to optimal use of disk space and maximum I/O performance.
"DataCore's latest storage hypervisor innovations, together with both its pricing and rental models, are extremely well tailored for building out cloud storage infrastructures, whether a user is starting out with a modest trial or is well on their way to a full-blown, large scale rollout," said Mark Peters, senior analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group (News - Alert). "It has succeeded in abstracting the storage-related aspects of the Infrastructure-as-a-Service layer so that cloud-storage is easy to drop into place, and can be flexed or expanded at will. It makes perfect sense -- even for contemporary data centers that don't yet have cloud on the brain."
"IaaS modules supported by SANsymphony-V 9.0 orchestrate the dynamic coordination between the catalog choices subscribers see and the storage devices enlisted to meet their needs," said George Teixeira, president and CEO, DataCore Software. "It's what makes cloud storage work unattended."
"We're fast approaching 1,000 days of 100 percent uptime thanks largely to the DataCore platform -- and we continue to check off days on the calendar without a hitch," added Jeff Slapp, chief technology officer at (News - Alert). "All this while we expand, upgrade, change out storage devices and even reconfigure networks in the background. It offers flexibility and interchangeability at its best."

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