Wednesday 10 October 2012

DataCore Empowers Software-defined Storage Infrastructures and Private Clouds; SANsymphony-V Certified VMware Ready™

Today at VMworld® Europe 2012, DataCore Software announced that SANsymphony™-V is certified as VMware Ready™ and easily integrates with VMware’s portfolio of solutions, allowing data centre and private cloud operators to gain the most from their virtual infrastructure investments. At VMworld Europe 2012, DataCore will showcase SANsymphony™-V 9.0 “The Storage Hypervisor for the Cloud,” which offers customers many far-reaching innovations essential to managing enterprise-wide storage and to quickly deploying agile, scalable cloud storage infrastructures. Attendees are invited to stop by booth E634 to learn how customers are using VMware and DataCore to significantly accelerate the performance of their Tier One business applications and to take advantage of DataCore’s offer for free not-for-resale (NFR) software to qualified VMware certified experts and professionals.

Empowering VMware SRM and VAAI Benefits Across Heterogeneous Storage Arrays

VMware VAAI storage-based hardware acceleration lowers CPU and memory consumption, enables faster deployment, supports VMware vMotion® for storage tasks and disk creation, as well as higher VM consolidation ratios. However, these capabilities only work with VAAI-compliant storage arrays. DataCore’s SANsymphony-V extends VAAI hardware acceleration benefits across heterogeneous storage arrays, regardless of whether those arrays have native VAAI support or the VMFS volumes span the same brand of array enclosure.

The storage hypervisor sits in front of all types of storage vendor arrays and devices, presenting DataCore-powered virtual disks/LUNs to VMware vSphere. The software masks the physical characteristics of the underlying storage devices. Bottom-line, it does not matter which physical storage array is sitting on the back-end.

The DataCore storage hypervisor empowers VMware administrators to:

• Replicate LUNs or migrate virtual disks across different storage arrays non-disruptively

• Facilitate the implementation of powerful capabilities like VMware's Site Recovery Manager (SRM) on top of those virtualized and replicated disks

• Enable VAAI operations across diverse hardware platforms

• Simplify migrations and VMware Storage vMotion

• Free up the VMkernel for other activities by offloading work to the storage hypervisor

VMware vCenter™ Server Plug-In Makes it Easy for VMware vSphere Admins to Eliminate Storage Issues

DataCore has made available a VMware vCenter Server plug-in that integrates enterprise-wide storage hypervisor management with VMware vCenter Server to empower VMware administrators with the ability to easily manage virtual machines (VMs) and storage from a single console. Enterprises can now control and schedule key SANsymphony-V storage virtualization services, taking snapshots and provisinong capacity directly from their VMware vCenter console. The DataCore VMware vCenter Server management plug-in software is available immediately for download to all SANsymphony-V customers.

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