Wednesday 14 November 2012

Set your data free with Dell Fluid Data™ and DataCore SANsymphony-V

When businesses change, whether in response to a new opportunity or a competitive challenge, the applications and the data they depend on have to change too. That can be really hard with legacy storage solutions, whose rigid boundaries tend to hold data captive. This is especially true if, as is often the case, the storage infrastructure has been built up over time out of various “point solutions.” This creates inefficient data silos that make it hard to optimize the match between storage capabilities and application needs or take advantage of new hardware capabilities. Availability and disaster recovery capabilities can suffer as well.

The Fluid Data™ architecture from Dell is designed to overcome these storage challenges by making data as dynamic as the businesses that depend upon it. DataCore is a long-time Dell ISV partner, and we’ve been working with our reseller partners around the world to help our customers realize the benefits of Fluid Data. “We have thousands of DataCore storage hypervisor customers using Dell storage platforms,” says Carlos Carreras, DataCore’s Vice President of Alliances & Business Development. “We see many DataCore partners like The Mirazon Group and Sanity Solutions penetrating non-Dell accounts and leveraging SANsymphony-V to make it easier for customers to meet their storage needs with Dell solutions.”

The DataCore SANsymphony-V storage hypervisor lets Dell resellers seamlessly harness the Dell Fluid Data architecture and its wide range of products to address the storage appetite of their customers, including platforms such as Compellent, EqualLogic, and the PowerVault MD Series. Customers can add these cost-effective Dell solutions to their storage portfolio without a forklift upgrade, preserving their storage investments and prolonging the useful life of existing storage (e.g., moving it down-tier) while leveraging the power of Fluid Data for increased storage efficiency and performance. The DataCore storage hypervisor and enterprise-wide auto-tiering makes it easy to penetrate and refresh existing storage installations and add new Dell storage to modernize the infrastructure and lower overall costs. With the SANsymphony Cloud Gateway, customers can even add popular public cloud hosting services as a low-cost tier in their storage strategy. With DataCore and Dell, customers get infrastructure-wide storage management and the compelling benefits of Fluid Data across all their storage investments.

For DataCore partners, the new DataCore SANsymphony-V Migration Suite makes it easy to introduce new customers to Dell storage with completely non-disruptive data migration. The suite enables a DataCore partner to set up a temporary dual-node SANsymphony-V installation that can turn a hardware refresh into a zero-impact process. A pass-through architecture assures that the customer’s environment remains “hot” the entire time. Users never even know a migration has taken place.

“In customer meetings, I am often met with skepticism that there is no way to do an easy migration without a lot of disruption. After they see the power of DataCore storage virtualization software in action, their jaws literally drop because they cannot believe that it can be that simple to migrate their storage and VMs,” said Barry Martin, partner and chief technology officer at The Mirazon Group.

Barry also notes that the heat map recently introduced in SANsymphony-V 9.0 is an especially powerful analytical tool. “While the migration suite is in place, you could show the customer all their storage I/O ‘hot spots,’ and where, for instance, a SSD tier could boost the performance of critical applications. Being able to give that kind of strategic advice is key to our business success, and the visual impact makes it all the more powerful.”

These and other features make SANsymphony-V a natural complement to the Dell Fluid Data architecture. You can start learning more about SANsymphony-V here, or check out case studies in a variety of industries and applications to see how the DataCore storage hypervisor can go to work for you.


Dell Storage Forum Paris 2012

DataCore will be a Petabyte Sponsor at the upcoming Dell Storage Forum.

The event takes place 14-16 November 2012 in Paris. Address follows:

Marriott Rive Gauche Hotel & Conference Center
17 Boulevard Saint Jacques
Paris, 75014

This is a channel partner and an end-user focused event. DataCore will present the newest version of its storage hypervisor – SANsymphony-V 9.0.

For more information on the show, visit Dell Storage Forum Paris 2012.

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