Wednesday 27 March 2013

Faster Application Performance Tip: Share Flash Across Virtualized Workloads with Fusion-io and DataCore Storage Virtualization Software


Does your business have a need to speed up response times and provide continuous availability for your critical applications? Core business applications like Oracle, SAP, SQL Server, Exchange and SharePoint often perform poorly when virtualized. More often than not the root cause is data I/O bottlenecks. If you are looking at solid-state memory technologies as your answer, then register today for a 30-minute webinar hosted by DataCore Software and Fusion-io.

At the beginning of the year, George Teixeira –our president and CEO– shared his thoughts on how 2013 would become the year of software-defined storage and pointed out five major trends in the market. One of the trends is that Tier 1 applications will go virtual and performance is critical. Another trend is that SSD flash technologies will be used everywhere; storage is not just disk drives.

Keeping these trends in mind, there are two top issues reported by customers attempting to consolidate virtualized Tier 1 apps which frequently force them to give up. The most striking is related to performance. Consolidation causes apps to run unacceptably slower than when hosted on their own dedicated server. Customers also complain about erratic behavior. This shouldn’t surprise anyone. The apps were originally isolated onto private machines for two reasons; to avoid contention for shared resources, and make troubleshooting and tuning easier.

Server virtualization does a really good job of removing the contention for processing (CPU) resources. The I/O contention for shared storage remains challenging. The ancillary problem appears later, when they realize how susceptible to outages their Tier 1 apps become after consolidation, especially for those who unintentionally introduce single points of failure into their storage configurations.

If you are experiencing slow application performance in your virtualized environment due to data I/O bottlenecks and you are looking at solid-state memory technologies as your answer to help your business, then this half hour webinar will be well worth your time.

Join DataCore Software and Fusion-io to learn how to:
  • Integrate flash memory to overcome I/O bottlenecks in real-world environments
  • Combine flash technology with existing storage
  • Speed up virtualized applications 2X to 5X
  • Prevent storage from slowing down or taking down your applications
Sharing flash across virtualized workloads can help increase user productivity and improve the application experience. A more agile and dynamic business with better user experience and greater IT efficiency are just some of the benefits that can be realized.

When: Wednesday, April 10, 2013 @ 1:00pm EDT (USA Eastern Time)

Looking forward to seeing many of you online!

Jamila Gunawardena, Sr. OEM Sales Engineer, Fusion-io

Jamila Gunawardena
Carlos Nieves, Sr. Manager, Product Marketing, DataCore Software

Carlos Nieves



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