Monday 16 September 2013

36 Reasons To Adopt DataCore Storage Virtualization and Software-defined Storage Architectures

Learn the Reasons Why 1000’s of Customers Have Chosen DataCore Software

“When asked for 10 reasons, I just couldn’t stop…”
–George Teixeira, CEO & President, DataCore Software

1. No Hardware Vendor Lock-In Enables Greater Buying Power
With DataCore, you gain the freedom to buy from any hardware vendor, and aren’t forced to pick and stick with one. This is a major advantage in negotiating your best deal and “right sizing” your purchase to buy what you need instead of what just one vendor has to offer. It’s easy to add, replace or migrate across storage platforms with a minimum of IT pain and best of all you can avoid disrupting users and business applications. Purchasing flexibility is a major advantage of a software-defined infrastructure.

2. Future-Proof Your Storage with Software-defined Flexibility; Be Ready for Whatever is Next
A flexible DataCore software defined storage infrastructure also lets you bring in new storage and new storage technologies non-disruptively, so you are ready for whatever comes next. Whether it is incorporating new flash storage or cloud storage into your infrastructure or gaining the competitive advantage that the next new storage innovation brings, your infrastructure is ready to bring it in and put it to work. On the other hand, hardware vendors have no interest in allowing you to bring in new technology to work with the storage you’ve have already purchased from them. Their reason for being is to sell you, each year, year after year, on ripping and replacing your last purchase from them with the newer model.

3. Get the Most from What You Already Own Before Buying More
Virtualization = Highly Efficient Utilization. Flexible and smart, DataCore virtualization software lets you optimize the utilization of your storage resources, extending the time to hardware refresh. This is another huge advantage over a hardware-defined infrastructure that forces you to over provision, oversize and buy more hardware to meet unknown demands before you have fully utilized what you already have. When you do buy new storage hardware, the DataCore advantage is that there is no waste—you can fully utilize what you buy so you buy only what you need.

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