Monday 28 October 2013

The Register on DataCore: "Whoo-whoo. What's that sound? It's the DataCore Express passing '10k' Customer Sites"

That's 10,000 customer sites using DataCore Storage Virtualization Software...

Storage-area-network (SAN) software supplier DataCore has, we're told, notched up 10,000 customer sites. DataCore is based in Florida and ships SANsymphony and allied SAN software products that turn standalone and clustered X86 servers and their storage into SANs.

The latest, ninth, version of SANsymphony has increased the cluster node count from 8 to 16, effectively doubling the SAN size. CEO George Teixeira said the plan is to increase it stepwise to 128. Version nine also has a next-generation replication service with faster initialisation of its engine, supports Microsoft's ODX and VAAI, and provides logging and configuration alerts.

Teixeira says DataCore has been about software-defined storage for a long, long time. EMC's ViPR is no real advance on that front, merely being an API translator, and looking like the latest version of Invista to him. In effect, he asserts, EMC is saying to its customers that they should keep on buying separate storage devices and now there's an API translator sitting on top of them.

He decries the notion that array hardware suppliers such as NetApp can do software-defined storage: "Are you kidding me? SANsymphony is portable and general."

Teixeira told us: "We're seeing a lot more sales and interest in DataCore products after EMC's ViPR launch and we're now in more than 10,000 customer sites." That's after fifteen years of being in business.

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