Wednesday 30 April 2014

ZDnet: Snapshot Analysis on Software-defined Storage, DataCore style

By Dan Kusnetzky for Virtually Speaking --Read the full ZDNET article at:

Summary: DataCore has released SANsymphony 10 to further expand what its virtual SAN software can do. Call it what you want: storage virtualization, software-defined storage -- or simply fast, reliable and easy.

George Teixeira, CEO of DataCore, and his colleague Augie Gonzalez, director of product marketing, stopped by to discuss how the company has done since our last chat and to introduce version 10 of SANsymphony.

They believe that this is the best software for flash storage, DRAM storage and all fashion of rotating media…

Snapshot analysis

I've spoken with a number of customers who use SANsymphony on a daily basis. If I told you exactly what they've said, you would believe this post was really a marketing message from DataCore in disguise. I often hear stories of huge performance improvements, significant improvements in storage utilization and much better storage reliability.

Although I'm sure that DataCore's competitors would disagree, Teixeira asserts that SANsymphony is "the ultimate storage stack that simply accelerates everything."

He also asserts that all DataCore needs to do is get people to try it and they're hooked. Although I'm usually very skeptical of such claims, after talking with DataCore's customers, I'm beginning to believe it is true.

There are a large number of suppliers in the storage and storage virtualization market. Players such as IBM, EMC, NetApp, HP, HDS and a growing list of other competitors offer products that appear similar. DataCore has to get ahead all of these large and small suppliers to get the ear of IT decision makers. If the company is able to break through all of the noise, the strengths of their product are likely to be convincing.


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