Thursday 19 June 2014

One of world's largest construction projects uses DataCore Software Defined Storage

One of the largest construction projects in the world, the 18KM Tunnel between Denmark and Germany has deployed DataCore software defined storage. Femern A/S achieves blistering speeds for their critical Microsoft SQL database and mail applications; assures future growth flexibility to handle increased traffic and avoids hardware vendor lock-in with software-defined storage enabled by DataCore.

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I'm Tim Olsson, and I'm the IT director with Femern A/S. Femern A/S is a state owned company in Denmark that has been assigned the task of planning a fixed link (one of the largest tunnel projects in the world) between Denmark and Germany. In 2008 a state treaty was signed between Denmark and Germany making Femern A/S the company in charge of planning the fixed link tunnel.

With DataCore's solution, we have saved about half a million Danish Krona. I think that's about 70,000 Euro.

We know that during the construction phase we have to do a lot of  environmental monitoring and this creates a huge amount of data.

When we were presented with this solution by DataCore, we felt it was very interesting for us because we could keep our Dell Equalogic SAN and we could move forward, at the same time, with new or other storage platforms. And we could do that seamlessly and without suffering any downtime. This made it possible and easy to do migration between our Dell Equalogic SAN to other storage.

All of our applications are based on a Microsoft SQL based platform and we have a lot of applications that are necessary for doing environmental investigations and geological investigations;also all of our documents are very critical for us.

The system has allowed us scalability because we can easily add new storage then present it to DataCore and make it available to provision either to present or future applications.

I think with DataCore we have a very reliable solution, it has been running a couple of years now and we have had a very good experience with it. With the fact that SANsymphony-V can utilize auto-tiering with our fusion-io cards I don't think we have any fears of bottlenecks. So I think we are good to go.


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