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VMworld 2015: DataCore Unveils Revolutionary Parallel I/O Software; Proven Designs, "Less is More" Hyperconverged...

VMworld 2015 News Roundup – Slideshow of Top Stories
This week virtualization giant VMware (VMW) held its annual VMworld customer conference in San Francisco, and as always there was no shortage of virtualization-centric news from partner companies. Since reading pages and pages of press releases is no fun for anyone, we decided to compile some of the biggest announcements going on at this year’s show.

DataCore Unveils Parallel I/O Software
Software-defined storae vendor DataCore Software unveiled its new parallel I/O software at VMworld, which was designed to help users eliminate bottlenecks associated with running multi-core processing systems. The company also announced a new worldwide partnership with Curvature to provide users with a procurement and lifecycle model for their storage products, data services and centralized management.
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Why Parallel I/O Software and Moore’s Law Enable Virtualization and Software-Defined Data Centers to Achieve Their Potential

VirtualizationReview - Hyperconvergence: Hype and Promise
The field is evolving as lower-cost options start to emerge.
…Plus, the latest innovation from DataCore -- something called Parallel I/O that I'll be writing about in greater detail in my next column -- promises to convert that Curvature gear (or any other hardware platform with which DataCore's SDS is used) into the fastest storage infrastructure  on the planet -- bar none. Whether this new technology from DataCore is used with new gear, used gear, or to build HCI appliances, it rocks. More later.

SiliconAngle: Back to basics: Why we need hardware-agnostic storage | #VMworld
In a world full of hyper this and flash that, George Teixeira, president and CEO of DataCore Software Corp., explained how going back to to the basics will improve enterprise-level storage solutions.
Teixeira and Dustin Fennell, VP and CIO of EPIC Management, LP, sat down with Dave Vellante on theCUBE from the SiliconANGLE Media team at VMworld 2015 to discuss the evolution of architecture and the need to move toward hardware-agnostic storage solutions.

VMworld the Cube: Video Interview on DataCore and Parallel I/O:

IT-Director on VMworld 2015: DataCore Unveils Revolutionary Parallel I/O Software
DataCore shows its hyper-converged 'less is more' architecture

DataCore Launches Proven Design reference Architecture Blueprints for Server Vendors
Lenovo, Dell, Cisco and HP:

Virtualization World: DataCore unveils 'revolutionary' parallel I/O software

More Tweets from the show:

Make any storage or Flash #VVOL compatible with our #Software-defined Storage Stack #SSD #virtualization #VMworld 

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#VMworld DataCore Parallel IO Software is the 'Killer App' for #virtualization & #Hyperconverged systems...stop by booth 835

Great to see the crowds at #VMworld learning more about DataCore’s Parallel IO, #VSAN, Hyperconverged & Software-defined Storage

VMworld 2015: DataCore Unveils Revolutionary Parallel I/O Software
New Hyper-Converged Reference Architectures, Real World VMware User Case Studies and Virtual Server Performance Breakthroughs Also on Display

SAN FRANCISCO, CA August 31, 2015 DataCore Software, a leader in Software-Defined Storage, will use the backdrop of VMworld 2015 to show its hyper-converged ‘less is more’ architecture. Most significantly, VMware customers and partners will see first-hand DataCore’s adaptive parallel I/O harnessing today’s multi-core processing systems to eliminate the major bottleneck holding back the IT industry – I/O performance.
"It really is a perfect storm," said DataCore Chairman Ziya Aral. "The combination of ever-denser
multi-core processors with efficient CPU/memory designs and DataCore’s parallel I/O software create a new class of storage servers and hyper-converged systems that change the math of storage performance in our industry...and not by just a little bit. As we publish an ever-wider array of benchmarks and real-world performance results, the real impact of this storm will become clear."

At booth #835, DataCore’s staff of technical consultants will discuss the state-of-the-art techniques used to achieve much greater VM densities needed to respond to the demanding I/O needs of enterprise-class, tier-1 applications. DataCore will highlight performance optimizations for intense data processing and I/O workloads found in mainstream online transaction processing (OLTP) systems, real-time analytics, business intelligence and data warehouses. These breakthroughs have proven most valuable in the mission-critical lines of business applications based on Microsoft SQL Server, SAP and Oracle databases that are at the heart of every major enterprise.

Other announcements and innovations important to VMware customers and partners will also be featured by DataCore at VMworld. These include:
·         Hyper-converged software solutions for enterprise applications and high-end OLTP workloads utilizing DataCore™ Adaptive Parallel I/O software
·         New ‘Proven Design’ reference architectures for Lenovo, Dell, Huawei, Fujitsu and Cisco servers spanning high-end, midrange and smaller configurations
·         A new worldwide partnership with Curvature to provide users a novel procurement and lifecycle model for storage products, data services and centralized management that is cost-disruptive
·         Preview of DataCore’s upcoming VVOL capabilities
·         Stretch cluster capabilities ideal for splitting hyper-converged systems over metro distances

Breakout Sessions
·         DataCore and VMware customer case study featuring Mission Community Hospital: “Virtualizing an Application When the Vendor Says ‘No’” in the Software-Defined Data Center track -- Monday, August 31, 2015 at 12:00 p.m.

·         Lenovo Servers in Hyper-Converged and SAN Storage Roles” Learn how Lenovo servers are being used in place of traditional storage arrays to handle enterprise-class storage requirements in hyper-converged clusters as well as external SANs. Uncover the agility and cost savings you can realize simply by adding DataCore Software to Lenovo systems.  Two theater presentations  -- Tuesday, September 1, and Wednesday, September 2 at 3:30 p.m in the Lenovo Booth #1537
·         “Less is More with Hyper-Converged: When is 2>3” and “Efficiently Scaling Hyper-Converged: How to Avoid Buyers’ Remorse” Daily in the DataCore Booth #835

About VMworld
VMworld 2015 U.S. takes place at San Francisco’s Moscone Center from August 30 through September 3, 2015.  It is the industry's largest virtualization and cloud computing event, with more than 400 unique breakout sessions and labs, and more than 240 sponsors and exhibitors. To learn more about VMworld, please visit: 

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