Thursday 15 October 2015

VMworld Europe 2015: DataCore Showcases Universal VMware VVOL Support and Revolutionary Parallel I/O Software

New Hyper-Converged Reference Architectures, VM-aware VVOL Provisioning, Rapid vSphere Deployment Wizards and Virtual Server Performance Breakthroughs Also on Display 

At Barcelona, Spain, DataCore Software, a leader in Software-Defined Storage and Hyper-converged Virtual SANs, is showcasing its adaptive parallel I/O software to VMware customers and partners at VMworld Europe 2015. The revolutionary software technology uniquely harnesses today’s multi-core processing systems to maximize server consolidation, cost savings and application productivity by eliminating the major bottleneck holding back the IT industry – I/O performance. DataCore will also use the backdrop of VMworld Europe 2015 to debut “Proven Design” reference architectures, a powerful vSphere deployment wizard for hyper-converged virtual SANs and the next update of SANsymphony™-V Software-Defined Storage which extends vSphere Virtual Volume (VVOLs) support to new and already installed flash and disk-based storage systems lacking this powerful capability.
"The combination of ever-denser multi-core processors with efficient CPU/memory designs and DataCore’s adaptive parallel I/O software creates a new class of storage servers and hyper-converged systems that change the math of storage performance...and not by just a fraction,” said DataCore Chairman Ziya Aral. “As we begin to publish ongoing real-world performance benchmarks in the very near future, the impact of this breakthrough will become very clear."

At booth #S118, DataCore’s technical staff will discuss the state-of-the-art techniques used to accelerate performance and achieve much greater VM densities needed to respond to the demanding I/O needs of enterprise-class, tier-1 applications. DataCore will highlight performance optimizations for intense data processing and I/O workloads found in online transaction processing (OLTP) systems, real-time analytics, business intelligence and data warehouses. These breakthroughs have proven most valuable in the mission-critical lines of business applications based on Microsoft SQL Server, SAP and Oracle databases that are at the heart of every major enterprise.
Universal Virtual Volumes: Extends VMware’s VVOL Benefits to Storage Systems that do not Support it
Many VMware administrators crave the power and fine-grain control promised by vSphere Virtual Volumes (VVOLs). However, most current storage arrays and systems do not support it. Manufacturers simply cannot afford to retrofit equipment with the new VM-aware interface.
DataCore offers these customers the chance to benefit from VVOLs on EMC, IBM, HDS, NetApp and other popular storage systems and all flash arrays simply by layering SANsymphony™-V storage virtualization software in front of them. The same is true for direct-attached storage (DAS) pooled by the DataCore™ Hyper-converged Virtual SAN.
Now, vSphere administrators can self-provision virtual volumes from virtual storage pools -- they specify the capacity and class of service without having to know anything about the hardware.
Other announcements and innovations important to VMware customers and partners will also be featured by DataCore at VMworld Europe. These include:
·        Hyper-converged software solutions for enterprise applications and high-end OLTP workloads utilizing DataCore™ Adaptive Parallel I/O software
·        New “Proven Design” reference architectures for Lenovo, Dell, Huawei, Fujitsu and Cisco servers spanning high-end, midrange and smaller configurations
·        A worldwide partnership with Curvature to provide users a novel procurement and lifecycle model for storage products, data services and centralized management that is cost-disruptive
·        vSphere Deployment Wizard to quickly roll out DataCore™ Hyper-converged Virtual SAN software on ESXi clusters
·        Stretch cluster capabilities ideal for splitting hyper-converged systems over metro distances
·        Breakout Session: DataCore will discuss the topics of Software-Defined Storage and application virtualization in the Solutions Exchange Theatre.

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