Sunday 10 January 2016

Multi-Core Chips, IO processing and More; Virtualization Review Crystal Ball Predictions for 2016?

Virtualization Review’s The Infrastruggle Blog: 4 Possibly Correct Predictions for 2016

…Better Use of Multi-Core Chips 
With the release of DataCore Software Parallel I/O technology, I expect to see a flood of parallel I/O woo enter the market. Parallel I/O involves the use of spare logical CPU cores ganged together into a very fast I/O processing engine to deliver phenomenal throughput improvements without much cost (you already own the multi-core processor). DataCore has paved the way to an extremely low-cost, high-performance storage tier by combining its P-I/O algorithm with its storage virtualization capabilities that include adaptive caching and interconnect load balancing. I suspect that many vendors will seek to pursue a comparable strategy, though most lack the experience in multiprocessor architecture that DataCore still has on staff.

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1. The Zettabyte Apocalypse Will Not Come in 2016
2. Better Use of Multi-Core Chips
3. Tape Will Continue Its Comeback
4. Mainframes Are Cool Again

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