Friday 18 March 2011

DataCore SANsymphony™-V software ushers in a new era for virtualization solution providers

"The good news is that an affordable solution is available in the form of storage virtualization, as demonstrated by industry leader DataCore Software. Their flagship technology, SANsymphony-V, is just what the doctor ordered for simplifying capacity management, performance management and data protection management behind virtual server infrastructure.” -Jon Toigo

Resellers Proclaim: DataCore’s Virtualization Software Makes it Profitable to Leverage Existing Virtualization Practices and Software Advantages to Capture a ‘Bigger Share’ of Storage Deals

Value-added resellers and virtualization solution providers who are now offering SANsymphony-V software are able to address all the dimensions of infrastructure virtualization by:
  • Taking their virtualization practices beyond server and desktops to include the storage dimension;
  • Growing VMware, Microsoft and Citrix deals by leveraging their sales and services teams with a similar virtualization software approach delivering equally compelling benefits to storage; 
  • Overcoming the major storage-related obstacles stalling virtual server and desktop deals; and 
  • Empowering customers with the economic advantages of a software-based storage infrastructure.

“With DataCore SANsymphony-V, the user interface is significantly improved and things are more intuitive,”
notes Andy Judge, founder and CEO, Grove Networks. “Essentially what used to take three steps now takes one. It is far easier to use and far easier to manage. Apart from the ease-of-use, of great interest to our customers will be the high-availability SANsymphony-V delivers as well as the ability to choose whatever type of hardware they would like to use in the back-end. The fact that customers have the freedom to use whatever hardware is efficient for their company is a significant benefit – enabling them to avoid vendor lock-in.”

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