Tuesday 1 March 2011

SANsymphony-V Product Reviews

Network Computing released a new product review on DataCore SANsymphony-V software, you can read it at:

SANsymphony-V Network Computing Review

The enormous growth of network storage in the enterprise is forcing businesses to consider new ways of managing their storage capacity so as to keep within budget.

Storage virtualization is a significant consideration and the latest SANsymphony-V software from DataCore offers a viable solution, offering a keen focus on data availability, disaster recovery and performance.

Loading SANsymphony-V onto two servers with multiple network ports brings synchronous mirroring into play, delivering always-on data access. Real time I/O replication runs across the two nodes, so, if one fails, the virtual disks remain available to all of the attached hosts. Connect your hosts over MPIO (multi-path I/O) links and you have created complete end-to-end redundancy.

For lab testing, we deployed a pair of dual Xeon X5560 servers running Windows Server 2008 R2 and had SANsymphony-V installed on them in a matter of minutes.

The new management console is very impressive. It allows you to view all of your DataCore servers, attached physical storage, virtual resources and hosts from a single location.

The 'Getting Started' page makes light work of initial configuration by providing step-by step guides for all functions.

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