Tuesday 24 May 2011

Why be a Dummy, When You Can Be a Rock Star?

I don’t know about you, but I really don’t like those “For Dummies” books. Maybe I am put off by the idea of being seen carrying a book around that casts aspersions on what my detractors might call my already questionable skills and knowledge. Or maybe it is because a number of titles I have perused over the past couple of years — thin tomes passed out at trade show booths — seem to be more like vendor brochures than sources of meaningful information about technology.

In any case, when DataCore Software approached me to write a “For Dummies” guide to storage virtualization, my initial inclination was to pass on the project. For one thing, I had seen at least two other “Storage Virtualization for Dummies” books in that series, which has become a cottage industry for its publisher, neither of which I had found particularly insightful or probative — unless you just wanted to learn about a particular vendor’s gear.

Then there was that negative title. ”…For Dummies.”

Heck, I might be a dummy. But I don’t want to go around advertising it.

Then, they came back to me with a new idea that changed my mind.

Instead of the familiar black-and-yellow “For Dummies” book, why not do things differently: write a “For Rock Stars” guide. Heck, everyone wants to be a rock star (or did once, before their teeth started falling out of their heads).

As we discussed the project, I grew more and more comfortable with it. I didn’t need to focus on the capabilities and limitations of any one vendor’s product in the guide. Nor did I have to explore the minutiae of differences between one product or another (especially not in a way that was calculated to stilt the discussion in favor of DataCore or any other vendor). DataCore was already quite secure about their technology and the overall superiority and value of their product.

The idea was to articulate the concepts and implementation alternatives available to any IT professional who wanted to get his or her head around the technology.

Moreover, the concept was settled upon to make the entire project a kind of mixed media adventure. I would help to develop the book as a series of white papers, each delivered in concert with a webcast in which I will do the “lead riff” followed by experts from DataCore.

That sounded cool, prompting me to hit PhotoShop hard to develop some seminal art. Here’s the cover:

          Intro slide for webcast series Storage Virtualization for Rock Stars

Get ready to rock and roll this Thursday, assuming I can still talk. I will post the invite details shortly.

I should add that this will not only cover the errata of storage virtualization technology, but also the business value case for those of you who have the practical challenge of cost-justifying all expenditures to the bean counters in the front office — (a category that includes most of us today!)

Fact is, I am having a lot of fun helping to develop this program and hope it will get a lot of interest and attendance.

Special thanks to DataCore Software for sponsoring this endeavor. They are all true rock stars in my book.

Invitation to Would-Be Rock Stars

Per my previous post, it is my pleasure to pass along this invitation to participate in Thursday’s introductory installment of the Storage Virtualization for Rock Stars Webinar Series.


You are receiving this because I consider you part of the DataCore Software ecosystem — meaning that I have communicated with you either regularly, routinely, or for a specific purpose in the past. I wanted to “waive a flag” on behalf of a NEW webcast series we are doing in the hopes that you will attend the first one – Part 1: Hitting the Perfect Chord in Storage Efficiency — this Thursday, May 26th. For those who have not already done so, please register at your earliest convenience.

The Storage Virtualization for Rock Stars Webcast Series

Starting this week, DataCore will offer one webcast a month, running from May through October. Different topics under the storage virtualization umbrella will be tackled each time.

Please join us on Thursday, May 26th at 11:30 AM EDT for the first webcast in this series — Part 1: Hitting the Perfect Chord in Storage Efficiency. The webcast will last between 30 and 40 minutes and then we will conduct a Q&A at the end (hence the one-hour “duration” on the registration form). IT industry analyst and data storage luminary Jon Toigo will serve as host and moderator for the entire “For Rock Stars” webcast series.

Also please consider forwarding (or posting on your web site/blog) this short text to encourage any others in your organization to attend –

The Storage Virtualization for Rock Stars Webcast Series: Part 1: Hitting the Perfect Chord in Storage Efficiency
Thursday, May 26, 2011. 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM EDT.

While I don’t know how luminescent I will be given the condition of my dentata, I will give my solo everything I’ve got and will be delighted to hear George Teixeira, President and CEO of DataCore, and Tim Warden, Director of Systems Engineers, contribute their “tasty riffs.” And of course, I will moderate what I hope will be an energetic panel discussion at the end of the presos.

Be there or be square. (Did I say that?)

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