Friday 7 December 2012

Novarion Launches its New Line of PlatinStor® Storage Systems Fully Integrated with DataCore Software Storage Hypervisor Technology

Collaboration produces cost-effective high-end storage solutions

Novarion, a system builder and manufacturer of high-end server and storage solutions, and DataCore Software today announced that they have worked together to develop a new  line of storage solutions based on DataCore's SANsymphony-V storage hypervisor technology. The new Novarion PlatinStor® systems are configured to address the needs of businesses and the public sector with the highest standards of reliability, performance and availability. The new systems are available European-wide and are being marketed with an emphasis on how they simplify storage management within large IT environments and the ease with which they integrate with existing storage systems.

The PlatinStor enterprise storage hardware from Novarion, together with the storage virtualization and hypervisor software technology from DataCore, deliver the ultimate performance solution to the storage market. In particular, large organizations will benefit from the systems modular design and additional features such as performance acceleration through self-adaptive caching, automated storage tiering, unified storage with enables SAN and NAS integration, continuous data protection, snapshots, analysis tools, synchronous mirroring, replication, capacity optimization (thin provisioning), resource virtualization, centralized SAN management, and the ability to integrate easily into existing SAN environments,

"We have developed these new storage systems to meet the highest levels of performance, quality and reliability. Together, the combination of the DataCore™ SANsymphony-V storage hypervisor and Novarion’s resilient and modular hardware design deliver to market a compelling high performance solution. We observed, during the certification process and from our own testing, a two- to seven-fold performance improvement over competitive products,” says Georg Gesek, managing director at Novarion IT Service GmbH.

Novarion PlatinStor ® is offered in four models; each integrated with the DataCore’s SANsymphony-V and they are available with choices of fiber channel, iSCSI or Infiniband connectivity.

  • PlatinStor ® EX 2 - "One-Box Enterprise HA SAN"
    This cost-effective, highly available solution comes with two independent SAN nodes and two built-in disk stacks to provide a maximum level of data protection, performance and reliability.
  • PlatinStor ® EX 3 - "Storage-Header for Enterprise SAN"
    The redundant storage header provides significant performance acceleration for existing enterprise HA storage solutions by providing intelligent caching and advanced tiering technology.
  • The PlatinStor ® EX 4 - "Enterprise SAN for vast storage requirement"
    The comprehensive Enterprise-HA-SAN environment provides virtually unlimited scalability of capacity and I/O performance thanks to its innovative grid design.
  • PlatinStor ® EX 5 - "All-In-One & SAN HA Application Cluster"
    The highly available one-box HA solution provides SAN system to support application clusters; itis an excellent solution to set up a low-cost "private cloud".

Pricing for PlatinStor® systems starts at 20,000 Euros. For more information please visit the website at

"Novarion is one of the few premier European manufacturers of high-end systems and an excellent technology partner. The DataCore storage hypervisor has been designed and optimized for larger data centers and cloud environments. Novarion has the reputation for delivering high quality and reliable hardware solutions. The combination makes sense. Moreover, partners and customers benefit from having complete integrated solutions that can meet the highest quality requirements required by today’s modern data centers”, says Siegfried Betke, director of business development, Central Europe at DataCore Software.

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