Tuesday 16 December 2014

DataCore's New Random Write Accelerator for Databases,SQL, ERP, OLTP and RAID-5 workloads

DataCore in its most recent release has added even more powerful and comprehensive enterprise-class functionality to its SANsymphony™-V10 storage services platform and its ‘any hypervisor, any storage’ DataCore™ Virtual SAN. The newest enhancements further boost I/O performance and double the scale of hyper-converged storage systems to 64 nodes.  
Accelerate Performance Up to 30X for Random Write Intensive Applications such as OLTP

The new software release includes a new Random Write Accelerator, which yields up to 30 times faster performance for random-write-heavy workloads that frequently update databases, ERP and OLTP systems. Even greater performance gains can be realized on RAID-5 protected datasets that spread data and reconstruction information to multiple locations across different disk drives.
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SSD-like Speeds from Spinning Disks; Faster Response and Reduced Write-wear for Flash
The remarkable write performance speed-ups are most pronounced when using low-cost spinning disks (e.g., SATA disk drives) where each write incurs significant rotational and seek delays to mechanically update blocks on spinning platters. Higher speed flash-based technologies (SSDs), especially prone to write-amplification and rapid wear, benefit from the Random Write Accelerator as well, delivering up to 3.6 times more IOPS.
Double the Scalability – Hyper-Converged Systems up to 64 Nodes and Over 100 Million IOPsThe new version of DataCore Virtual SAN supports larger scale configurations that can be managed centrally and organized to match business operational needs. With these latest enhancements, customers can now spread their workloads over more servers in a cluster and share resources across multiple clusters in order to improve their response and throughput. 
Doubling the possible number of nodes in a DataCore Virtual SAN is particularly valuable for latency-sensitive applications distributed over large-scale clusters, as well as virtual desktop (VDI) deployments for thousands of users.

Scaling out the configuration across more nodes enables better distribution of the workloads and segmentation of the physical storage capacity. DataCore’s zero-touch failover capabilities ensure workloads and applications are not disrupted in the event of a node or storage failure. The internode mirrors can also be stretched over metro-wide distances up to 60 miles (100 kilometers) to improve overall availability and business continuity. Scaling out to more nodes also enhances the overall resiliency of the infrastructure.

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DataCore Introduces Major Breakthroughs in Performance, Scalability and Quality of Service in its New Software-Defined Storage and Virtual SAN Release

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