Friday 5 December 2014

One of the UK’s top legal practices Payne Hicks Beach Relies on DataCore Software-defined Storage for Multi-site Metro Distance DR and Uptime for Critical Apps

UK Software-Defined Storage Customer Testimonials Span Any Hypervisor, Any Storage, Any Location 

DataCore, a leader in software-defined storage and Datashare Solutions,(Shift F7 Group) a DataCore go-to partner, are highlighting the momentum in the UK towards adoption of software defined-storage (SDS) solutions. Datashare Solutions has compiled a testimonial briefing pack outlining key buying criteria and customer adoption reasons.  

“The ROI has been fantastic with DataCore. It has run to the point where performance has never been an issue and without any unplanned downtime for more than 6 years”. Michael Leedham, IT Manager, Paynes Hicks Beach
Legal Firm Payne Hicks Beach – Needed Disaster Recovery and Zero Downtime of Critical Apps:Synonymous with quality and one of the UK’s top legal practices based in Lincoln’s Inn, Payne Hicks Beach (PHB) required a system to support the processing of critical applications along with fault tolerant split clustering between two of their offices. Today, the Firm is able to withstand the failure of an entire building with a synchronous mirror of data and systems created between their locations utilising DataCore and VMware’s VSphere 4.x. Applications are accessed and available 24 x 7, with no downtime tolerated for upgrades.

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