Friday 18 December 2015

Making Data Highly Available on Flash and DRAM

George Teixeira, CEO & President and Nick Connolly, Chief Scientist at DataCore Software discuss how DataCore's Software-Defined Storage solution takes advantage of flash and DRAM technologies to provide high availability and the right performance for your applications.

How Software-Defined Storage Enhances Hyper-converged Storage 
One of the fundamental requirements for virtualizing applications is shared storage. Applications can move around to different servers as long as those servers have access to the storage with the application and its data. Typically, shared storage takes place over a storage network known as a SAN. However, SANs typically run into issues in a virtual environment, so organizations are currently looking for new options. Hyper-converged infrastructure is a solution that seems well-suited to address these issues.
This following white paper describes how to conquer the challenges of using SANs in a virtual environment and why organizations are looking into hyper-converged systems that take advantage of software-defined storage as a solution to provide reliable application performance and a highly available infrastructure.

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