Monday 13 July 2015

QNAP Series of Turbo NAS Solutions Certified ‘DataCore Ready’ for SANsymphony-V

“It is a great pleasure to announce today, the DataCore Ready certification is available for our high-end enterprise storage solutions,” said Jerome Jaussaud, product manager of QNAP. “Now, our customers are able to benefit from all the added value provided by DataCore SANsymphony-V and combine it with their existing or newly-purchased QNAP Turbo NAS systems.”
Being certified by the DataCore Ready Program, QNAP NAS is compliant with DataCore SANsymphony-V software-defined storage infrastructures, and can help organizations maximize the availability and utilization of IT assets and centralize the management of data storage.

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The QNAP® enterprise-class TVS-ECx80, TS-ECx80, TS-x79U-SAS and SS-x79U-SAS series of Turbo NAS systems are all certified DataCore Ready for SANsymphony-V™.

Easy deployment

QNAP NAS can be easily deployed to ensure storage availability for an organization's production servers and VDI environment.

This solution deployment scenario contains 3 main components:
  • Servers in need of storage and high performance, such as virtualization servers, mail servers and/or databases;
  • The base hardware storage with RAID protection and 10GbE capability provided by QNAP;
  • DataCore SANsymphony-V that provides virtual storage volumes to the servers plus high availability.
QNAP NAS provides the raw hardware storage to DataCore SANsymphony-V via iSCSI. Organizations can effortlessly use this joint solution to achieve desired performance levels and functions for file backup/archiving and disaster recovery.

“The DataCore Ready designation acknowledges the completion of a rigorous compatibility testing process for solutions that are verified to enhance DataCore software-defined storage infrastructures,” said Phil Williams, VP of Business Development & Strategic Alliances of DataCore. “The combination of DataCore and QNAP provides a very flexible solution to maximize IT infrastructure performance to meet the increasing -- and constantly changing -- storage needs in today’s enterprise environments.”
Being DataCore Ready, QNAP NAS ensures joint solution compatibility that allows organizations to leverage many of the cutting-edge QNAP features to optimize their software-defined storage infrastructure, including 10GbE capability, SSD cache, capacity scalability, the QTS operating system for smart and easy storage management, and a lot more. Coupled with the business-ready features of DataCore SANsymphony-V, organizations can effortlessly use this joint solution to achieve desired storage performance levels, high availability, disaster recovery, and a cost-effective software-defined storage based on virtualization technologies
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Tuesday 7 July 2015

Enterprise Management Associates Selects SANsymphony™-V as the Best Enterprise Solution for Software-Defined Storage

DataCore, a leader in Software-Defined Storage, has announced that its SANsymphony™-V storage virtualization and data services platform has been named by Enterprise Management Associates (EMA), a leading industry analyst and consulting firm, as the “Best Enterprise Solution for Software-Defined Storage” in the newly-released EMA Radar™ Report for Enterprise Software-Defined Storage.
EMA Radar™ Reports provide an in-depth analysis of industry-leading vendors and products, including their overall market position in comparison with other vendors. The EMA Radar Report for Enterprise Software-Defined Storage solutions evaluates the core capabilities and features to abstract and pool storage infrastructure throughout the entire enterprise, including server attached, network based, commodity, and cloud storage.
“There has been a lack of a consistent definition of what software-defined storage is in the industry. This ambiguity has led to a collection of software products that have a great deal of diversity in the value and capabilities provided,” said Jim Miller, senior analyst at Enterprise Management Associates. “DataCore is rated highest in product strength for reaching the ideal of software-defined storage: abstracting all storage regardless where it is located and providing the richest set of services that are completely independent of the storage hardware -- largely automated. The overall functionality places DataCore as the leader in product strength for the Software-Defined Storage radar report. ”
DataCore SANsymphony-V software-defined storage platform works infrastructure-wide across all types of storage (flash, disk and cloud) to automate and optimize performance and resource allocation. It has the ability to abstract existing network-based storage, and also create hyper-converged virtual SANs with server-attached storage and flash/SSDs that can also be integrated with existing storage infrastructures. DataCore’s powerful enterprise-wide services include caching, universal deduplication, compression, random write acceleration, synchronous mirroring, ‘zero-touch’ recovery, thin provisioning, QoS, auto-tiering, replication, performance monitoring, continuous data protection and data migration. 
DataCore SANsymphony-V was also named a category value leader in the 2015 EMA Radar Report for Enterprise Software-Defined Storage. The report states: “DataCore is one of the most cost effective software-defined storage solutions in this report. Customers can acquire a DataCore license for a fraction of the price of competing solutions.”
In addition to being named the Best Enterprise Solution for Software-Defined Storage and value leader, DataCore has achieved ongoing industry recognition, including several announced worldwide partnerships for hyper-converged solutions based on SANsymphony™-V and DataCore™ Hyper-Converged Virtual SAN. Amongst these are industry leaders including HuaweiCisco ,Fujitsu and Dell.