Monday 31 August 2015

DataCore Selected by CIOReview as one of 20 Most Promising Cisco Solutions Providers

DataCore has been featured in CIOReview: DataCore has been selected as one of the 20 Most Promising Cisco solution Providers.
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Data Storage needs are vastly growing, and IT organization are constantly facing challenges with performance. DataCore combined with Cisco UCS platforms creates unique storage capabilities into a system that is designed to increase business agility working to address the needs of the growing market. "DataCore has transformed the Cisco UCS servers into software-defined storage solutions that manage demanding application workloads and support the full spectrum of hyper converged systems, virtual and traditional SANs and data stored in private, hybrid and public Clouds.”

Check out the new DataCore Proven Design Reference Architecture for Cisco UCS

DataCore paired with Cisco UCS servers “…creates multiple solution scenarios, including: External SAN pooling via Cisco VIC Connectivity, Metro Clustering of Existing and New Storage for Business Contiunity and Disaster Recovery and Extreme acceleration for Business Applications." DataCore storage platform works across the entire infrastructure and allows customers to fully utilize their Cisco solutions while also gaining the benefits of high availability and flexibility. 

It is clear that DataCore and Cisco will address the concerns with respect to performance, deployment times and other issues that address Return on Investment in their unified computing approach taking storage to the next level.

DataCore and Curvature- A Better Way to Do IT

Curvature and DataCore Storage

"We believe software-defined storage will be one of the highest-impact trends changing infrastructure and operations through 2018," said Jeff Zanardi, VP of business development, Curvature. "We are excited to build solutions based on DataCore's industry leading IO/s and price performance storage virtualization technologies.  This will change how companies, procure, build and manage their storage infrastructures, which will result in a disruption of the current market, especially among entrenched storage vendors."

DataCore Software has announced a partnership with Curvature LLC, an IT infrastructure and services provider, that will change the economics of storage and the useful life span of storage investments.

DataCore and Curvature Partnership
Techtarget: DataCore Software and Curvature partner
DataCore has partnerships with small players who sell pre-owned equipment but none of the size and scope of Curvature, which posted more than $320 million in revenue last year, operates nine offices in North America, Europe and Asia and has more than 10,000 clients worldwide…
"Curvature is bringing a new pricing model to the enterprise storage market that's more favorable than the pricing models of the current legacy vendors such an EMC or a NetApp," said Roger Cox, research vice president at Gartner Inc. "One of the largest complaints we get from users is the high cost of service and support from these legacy vendors, because as a user, you're fundamentally stuck. Either you pay the piper in terms of more hardware maintenance or you buy a news system."
Cox said software-defined storage options from DataCore and other vendors have the potential to save users 50% to 60% on capital and operating expenses over a five-year time period.
"With Curvature as a partner with DataCore, they can sell the complete system to the user," Cox said. "They can do the service and support, so you've got one throat to choke, one number to call.
Curvature + DataCore
The combination of Curvature and DataCore will help large organizations gain control over the management and cost of their data center storage devices and costs - without sacrificing functionality and performance.  DataCore enables customers to benefit from software agility that helps 'future-proof' and optimize their investments while delivering storage performance acceleration to improve overall application and business productivity. These new combined solutions, now available from Curvature, take advantage of commoditized hardware to build robust storage infrastructure and deliver unique ways to expand the life of existing equipment.
CRN noted in its Exclusive: Curvature Jumps Into Software Defined-Storage With DataCore Partnership that DataCore's software, combined with Curvature's hardware and professional services, will give customers a competitive storage solution at an attractive price point.
Virtualization Review also recently published “Playing the 'Forced Hardware Update' Game”where Dan Kuznetsky detailed a conversation held with Jeff Zanardi of Curvature and both George Teixeira and Steve Houck of DataCore, where they spoke about how enterprises often find themselves being pushed to upgrade systems, networking and storage equipment, even though those devices are still working just fine. Since the design lifecycle for equipment is often five to seven years, buying new equipment every three to four years seems silly.  Enterprises take this step because they want to know that support will be available when something goes wrong.

Industry analyst firm Gartner also predicts that, "By the end of 2017, more than 25% of Global 2000 enterprises' IT organizations will try to base their own storage systems on an SDS approach, which will be a major increase from today's 10%." (Gartner Research, How to Determine Whether Software-Defined Storage Is Right for Your Organization, by Julia Palmer)
The Curvature and DataCore partnership will provide customers with control over the design, build and operation of their storage platforms. As a result, organizations will be able to transform existing and pre-owned equipment into a longer-lasting, more agile custom-defined platform that operates independently from manufacturer-installed software.

Organizations can repurpose their existing server and storage equipment by adding DataCore's unified software services alongside Curvature's hardware and third-party maintenance platform.
Thousands of businesses globally rely on Curvature to keep critical assets working beyond the original manufacturer's specifications, which reduces TCO and increases business agility.

"We admire Curvature's focus on ensuring customers control the investments in equipment they already paid for in addition to providing them with new alternatives on how to lower  OPEX and CAPEX purchasing costs for new gear, creating efficiencies and savings across the IT spectrum," said Steve Houck, COO, DataCore. "Our partnership combines our software solutions, world-class maintenance and cost-effective hardware alternatives to allow customers to keep current storage equipment functioning long beyond expectations."

Delivering faster performance and  automatic management of a customer's storage technology, DataCore's SDS solutions enable companies to reduce the risks associated with constant change and avoid capital expenses by eliminating the need to 'rip and replace' storage equipment already in place. Purchasers pay once for intelligent software and run it on the hardware of their choice, buying what they need, when they need it.
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