Thursday 19 March 2009

Radford HMY Group: DataCore and Waterstons create virtualisation melody

For more, visit: Radford HMY Group and DataCore

Building upon the retail display equipment suppliers existing VMware ESX virtualisation environment, the SANmelody has been installed as the firms new storage area network (SAN) virtual infrastructure.

Keith Joseph, regional manager at DataCore Software, said: Waterstons and Radford HMY Group wanted to achieve highest degrees of resilience but did not want to incur heavy set-up or annual support costs.

Mark McDonald, IT Manager at the Radford HMY Group, said: Together with Waterstons we have embarked on implementing a new Virtual Infrastructure that guarantees the highest level of fault tolerance and availability. To do this, we have used a combination of two IBM servers running DataCores SANmelody storage virtualisation software to provide synchronously mirrored high availability architecture.

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