Tuesday 11 August 2009

DataCore, Citrix Team Up To Cut Storage Costs and help Customers

DataCore, Citrix Team Up To Cut Storage Costs and help Customers
In the same vein as networks like Small Business Web, two IT companies have joined forces in an effort to actually help customers.

DataCore Software and Citrix Systems - both located down there in balmy Florida - are now working together to cut storage costs. Companies that use Citrix's virtual server tools can now try out DataCore's virtual storage software, the DataCore Virtual SAN appliance:, for free.

Basically, instead of losing stored data in a horrible virtual server crash, the customer can safely store data elsewhere by means of DataCore software. And it's free!

DataCore CEO and president George Teixeira said a big hurdle for Citrix customers was the cost to store that data."A company that wants to go to virtualization might get excited, they might see a cost savings," Teixeira said. "But when they go to buy the storage, they find the cost is actually high."He said storage hardware equipment costs, on average, $100,000.

This is a brilliant business move by Citrix and DataCore. Not that they need it, Ctirix especially.Last month, the company reported that second-quarter revenue was nearly flat, at $393 million, but profit grew 22% to $43 million.

A move like this means Citrix will only get bigger - and DataCore is happily going along on the ride.

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