Tuesday 13 October 2009

Are we seeing the back of storage appliances? Nick Broadbent comments.

Extract from Networking Plus Magazine –

Are we seeing the back of storage appliances?

As virtualisation continues to filter through the networking world, Rahiel Nasir (Editor, Networking Plus) wonders if its now time to ditch the traditional SAN and NAS

The V word. In the world of Enterprise IT, it’s the one technology that could unite us all: virtualisation. And a particular area where virtualisation is beginning to loom large is in data storage. So what impact is this technology having on the market?

DataCore’s UK MD Nick Broadbent says that virtualisation has “revolutionised” the way desktops, servers and storage are implemented in the SMB sector over the past 12 months. He says that with storage virtualisation, most companies now recognise the immediate savings that can be made to the bottom line in terms of resource, carbon and energy management and capital outlay. “Existing hardware is now able to be re-purposed and re-utilised. Storage is able to be provisioned seamlessly across the network. Through software storage virtualisation users never run out of capacity, ‘find’ tasks are automated and performance is optimised.”

The entire article can be found on Page 15, Networking Plus Magazine, October Issue.

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