Wednesday 27 April 2011

ESG Lab Reports: DataCore SANsymphony-V: Compelling Storage Virtualization Software

ESG Lab Validation Highlights:

  • DataCore SANsymphony-V R8 was very quick and easy to set up and manage. ESG Lab set up a two node, high-availability SANsymphony-V environment and was serving storage to virtual machines in minutes.
  • With one click of a mouse, ESG Lab was able to serve a thin provisioned, performance tuned, fully protected, synchronously mirrored 1TB virtual disk to a Windows server in less than a minute.
  • Migrating and importing disk drives from a working physical server into the virtual disk pool was a quick and easy process. The DataCore software provided a seamless transition from physical to virtual infrastructure while actually enhancing performance and availability.
  • DataCore synchronous mirroring provided hosts with continuous access to virtual disks through a node outage with zero downtime and no interruptions to service.
  • DataCore Continuous Data Protection (CDP) was easy to configure and use, enabling rollback to a specific point in time without having to create multiple snapshots.
  • DataCore asynchronous remote replication was also easy to configure; compression and multi-streaming provided a 2x throughput enhancement over a simulated T1 link.

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