Wednesday 15 June 2011

New IDC White Paper on DataCore ROI/TCO, New Jon Toigo Paper on Storage Efficiency

Check out the Updated Industry Analyst and Expert Opinions Page on the DataCore Website
Recently updated with the latest reports and the analysts like those at Gartner Group who are briefed and cover DataCore Software

White Paper on Storage Virtualization Software and Storage Efficiency
Download the latest 'Must Read' white paper on Storage Efficiency by Jon Toigo: STORAGE VIRTUALIZATION FOR ROCK STARS Part 1: Storage Efficiency
It does a great job of overviewing the benefits of Storage Virtualization Software and covering the compelling economics.

IDC White Paper on DataCore: Achieving the Full Business Value of Virtualization with a Scalable Software-Based Storage Virtualization Solution
An excellent paper on the value proposition of virtualization software for storage by IDCs Rick Villars, the top expert on virtualization and storage virtualization:

IDC Opinion & Summary

Today's information-based economy demands that IT managers enhance the business value of existing and planned IT investments while simultaneously reducing the costs of IT operations. Server consolidation and broader adoption of server virtualization are some of the key strategies IT teams are counting on to meet these goals.

Dealing with storage, however, is one of the most critical technical and economic roadblocks to broad adoption of virtualization in many of these organizations. Limits include the up-front direct cost associated with replacing storage with complex networked storage systems, the added operational cost of managing networked storage systems, and the inherent inefficiencies of many of these storage systems.

Storage virtualization software such as DataCore's SANsymphony-V addresses many of these challenges. It allows organizations to make better use of "in place" storage assets while also ensuring that IT organizations can fully achieve a return on their investments in a virtualized server environment. They can achieve these goals by quickly taking advantage of the rapid cost declines and performance increases available in today's standard server platforms. IDC finds that the use of virtualized storage with solutions such as DataCore's makes it possible for companies to:

  • Consolidate storage and server assets
  • Increase the number of virtualized servers running on individual physical servers while doubling storage utilization rates for installed storage
  • Leverage lower-cost/higher-capacity storage tiers that can significantly cut the cost of acquiring new storage assets
  • Improve application and information availability while shrinking backup times
  • Significantly reduce the cost to meet the performance and business continuity objectives of virtualized IT organizations

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