Thursday 13 September 2012

DataCore Storage Hypervisor Powers Virtualization and Delivers High Availability at Loeb Partners Corporation and Loeb Capital Management

DataCore Provides Financial Services Company with Cost-Effective Virtualized Infrastructure to Eliminate Single Points of Failure, Consolidate Servers and More
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Loeb Partners

 “It was very important to enhance our IT infrastructure and maintain our technology leadership by implementing state-of-the-art resiliency and redundancy into our network upgrade,” commented Bruce Lev, managing director, Loeb Partners Corporation, “DataCore storage hypervisors provide the data protection management we sought and consider vital to ensuring non-stop business operations for our firm.”

Loeb Partners Corporation is an investment firm that represents the interests of the Loeb family and its affiliated entities. In 2008, the asset management business of Loeb Partners Corp. changed its name to Loeb Capital Management. DataCore storage virtualization software now supports virtualized IT environment for both Loeb Partners Corp. and Loeb Capital Management (Loeb)…

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