Saturday 20 October 2012

Storage Strategies Now Analyst Report: Virtualizing business-critical applications without hesitation using the DataCore SANsymphony™-V storage hypervisor

"DataCore practically invented the concept of storage virtualization and has the years of experience in the field across thousands of customers and multiple generations of its product to claim a leadership position in the space now known as software-defined storage infrastructure. With SANsymphony-V R9, this experience is embodied in the comprehensive functionality and scalability of the product. The benefits it yields with regards to performance and availability are even more pronounced in scenarios where business-critical (Tier 1) applications must be virtualized and consolidated."

Read the full snapshot report by James E. Bagley, Senior Analyst & Deni Connor, Founding Analyst
Storage Strategies NOW Snapshot Report:
The virtualization and consolidation of business-critical applications is a high priority for IT operations in organizations of all sizes. But the owners of these applications often balk at virtualization because of a set of unknowns that surround the loss of dedicated server hardware.

The truth is that applications perform differently in a virtualized environment as opposed to dedicated server hardware. Virtualization causes contention for shared storage resources and the performance of formerly well-behaved applications can become unpredictable. When performance becomes erratic and response times suffer, users grumble and application owners want their physical machines back. Storage equipment outages for routine maintenance, upgrades and expansion compound the problem because many virtual machines rely on those same resources.

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