Thursday 13 June 2013

DataCore Announces Availability of DataCore VDS 2.0 Virtual Desktop Server in EMEA

DataCore Software Corporation announced its DataCore VDS 2.0 software to make it simple to deploy persistent 'stateful' virtual desktops. 

The release adds 25 virtual desktop entry-level offering, priced to meet the needs of smaller scale VDI deployments and makes enhancements to its virtual desktop server software platform.  These include performance optimizations to speed response times; a hot standby VDI server protection option; support for single sign-on access and active directory; plus wizards, templates and tools to achieve higher degree of integration with Microsoft VDI and Windows Server 2012 platforms and their remote desktop and delivery services. The release is available to customers via select authorised European solution providers who are trained and qualified to deliver high-performance VDI solutions packaged and designed to meet the underserved needs of SMBs.

"DataCore VDS overcomes the VDI adoption issues for SMBs and addresses the major market need for affordable desktop virtualisation solutions in a climate where smaller budgets and the European crisis are impacting all IT decisions. It allows our solution provider partners to deliver cost-effective and highly productive VDI solutions, well matched for 25 to 200 virtual desktop environments. Unlike highly complex VDI solutions that are costly and designed for very large 1,000 or more desktop projects, DataCore VDS 2.0 removes many of the most painful implementation obstacles while significantly reducing the cost per virtual desktop instance," says Christian Hagen, VP, DataCore EMEA. “DataCore finally makes it practical for small and medium enterprises to operate a virtual desktop infrastructure to improve their productivity and costs."

DataCore VDS addresses the VDI paradox; designed and priced to meet pent up SMB market demand
The paradox is simple, SMBs want to adopt desktop virtualisation for the same reasons large enterprises do - to reduce desktop management costs, improve productivity and increase business agility, but they can't afford enterprise solutions since they cost a fortune and are overkill for smaller environments.

Unlike VDI offerings aimed at big companies on the market which are complex and require many 1000’s of desktops to justify the high costs involved, this lowers the complexity and reduces the cost per VDI instance. The solution is priced and sized for SMBs and departmental users. VDS addresses this underserved market with solutions specifically designed to meet the budgets of 25 to 200 virtual desktop deployments. It makes it economically possible to not sacrifice performance while maintaining a ‘true’ desktop user experience.

VDS - Virtual Desktop Server
It is build on the company's architectural and storage saving advantages to make it feasible to deploy and operate persistent 'stateful' virtual desktop environments at a lower cost and higher performance than alternatives.

It serves complete virtual desktops which are 'stateful' (or persistent), they deliver a similar user experience as if a user were located directly on a physical desktop or laptop PC. With 'stateful' virtual desktops, an end-user is assigned a virtual machine for their own use to browse, to do downloads and to run their personal applications. Turn the virtual desktop off and then back on and it retains the 'state' of what you were doing just like when you close and open a laptop, it functions like your own private desktop, it’s just virtual.

VDS delivers powerful virtual desktops for less than the cost of a PC refresh
It deploys on a single server, and includes the tools Windows administrators need to deliver centrally-managed virtual desktops to any user for less than the cost of new PCs. 
The architecture eliminates up to 75% of VDI costs without compromising performance nor user experience.

VDS is:
Fast to Install, Administer and Use
  • Runs on off-the-shelf servers; any storage. Intuitive for administrators to use
Affordable and Storage Efficient
  • Uses a fraction of storage compared to other VDI architectures
Performance Optimized Architecture
  • Manages I/O traffic and caches to achieve performance
'Stateful' Virtual Desktop Computing Solution
  • True desktop computing
The solutions are ready to ship and available exclusively in Europe through DataCore's network of trained and authorized EMEA-based solution providers.
Pricing for software licenses start at around $3,000, enabling centrally managed VDI systems to be deployed at prices much less than the cost per user of new PCs. 

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