Monday 20 February 2017

Healthcare Customers Gain Critical Performance and Flexibility Benefits with DataCore Hyperconverged and Software-Defined Storage Solutions

Healthcare IT departments are challenged every day to deliver life-saving system performance while keeping costs within budget. That's why a growing number of healthcare institutions are turning to DataCore Software, a leading provider of Hyper-converged Virtual SANSoftware-Defined Storage and Adaptive Parallel I/O Software. DataCore enables these organizations to address mission-critical IT challenges while maximizing the performance, availability and utilization of IT resources - enhancing patient outcomes while keeping costs low.
"In healthcare, ultra-fast application response times are critical," said George Teixeira, president and CEO of DataCore Software. "Slow response from systems such as X-Rays, MRIs, or CAT scans, or the inability to immediately access critical patient information can have life-altering consequences, and as a result, delays are simply unacceptable."
Furthermore, with the ongoing and massive data growth from medical images, including multi-dimensional, 3D and even motion-based image formats, as well as the continuing move to electronic health records, storage requirements and the cost to manage them are also on the rise.
DataCore software delivers record-breaking performance via its Parallel I/O technology, which pairs well with Lenovo's powerful servers featuring x86-64 processors. The combination offers the industry's fastest I/O response time and the best price-performance with self-tuning features that automatically move data between spinning disks and flash based on workload priorities. An example of a healthcare customer that relies on DataCore and Lenovo is the Comprehensive Cancer Center at the University of Puerto Rico (CCCUPR) -- one of the most advanced hospitals and cancer research facilities in North America.
The Comprehensive Cancer Center at the University of Puerto Rico (CCCUPR)
CCCUPR needed a powerful, easy to operate and flexible solution to manage its critical medical records and the growing oncology imaging requirements from its Picture Archive & Communications System (PACS). Since the hospital and the research center are separated by about two miles, patient information also needed to be shared and protected from unplanned events at all times.  
According to Luis M. Wilkes, director of Information Systems for CCCUPR, "The combination of DataCore and Lenovo has maximized IT infrastructure performance, availability and utilization by delivering a high availability, software-defined storage solution to support our operations. The DataCore-Lenovo solution ensures that critical health information systems, such as our PACS, are available online and on demand. Going forward, we have the flexibility to meet changing demands with DataCore software running on Lenovo and virtualizing, protecting and accelerating our systems and applications."
CCCUPR now has six Lenovo Series x3650 servers running DataCore software at the primary site. For disaster recovery, the solution includes advanced DataCore replication to two additional Lenovo Series x3650 servers at the secondary location.
A common thread among the many new healthcare organizations that have deployed DataCore is that all have done so to achieve significant gains in performance, scalability and reliability. DataCore enables users to:
  • Speed Up Applications - Faster applications (databases, critical applications, virtualized applications, etc.) means more transactions are processed in less time, and more data is analyzed faster, leading to increased productivity.
  • Scale within Budget - DataCore ensures the lowest TCO to scale-up or scale-out. This enables users to run more workloads, with better performance and availability, on far fewer servers and utilize the infrastructure already in place for remarkable cost savings, both direct and indirect (less power, cooling and space). Hardware-independent software ensures services live beyond current generation of infrastructure technology and change.
  • Protect Data and Applications - DataCore provides the highest availability with the fewest nodes. Highly-available infrastructure reduces disruptions to business operations and decreases risk.
The result is greater consolidation savings, better performance and higher availability for critical healthcare applications, databases, and other virtualized applications.

For more information about DataCore's healthcare customer experiences with hyper-converged and software-defined storage,                                    


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