Thursday 9 August 2012

Channelnomics: DataCore Joins VirtualSharp for Disaster Recovery

Backing up is more than good practice, it’s a mission-criticla function.
DataCore Software Corp. and VirtualSharp Software Corp. have taken that ethos to heart, teaming up to release a backup and disaster recovery (BDR) solution that promises to be “the next step” in the field. The duo is so confident, it calls the solution “disaster recovery assurance” and promises downtime will become a thing of the past.

DataCore and VirtualSharp have more than BDR on the brain: The team is also streamlining the process. According to Gartner Inc., this is a key concern among businesses because the implementation and planning of “IT disaster recovery management [is a] pain point for many of Gartner’s [own] clients.” It certainly paints a picture of case-positive for the duo’s new solution – and with the increasing pressure to meet compliance, privacy, continuity and security demands, making BDR easy isn’t a frivolous activity.

True “disaster recovery assurance” is achieved by blending each company’s key technologies, which were already complementary to start.

DataCore’s claim to fame is its virtualized storage hypervisor built into the SANsymphony-V software. It allows for heterogeneous, scalable and cloud-inclusive backup, with mirroring capabilities, frequent snapshots, multiple-site backup replication and regular verification of data integrity within the backup. In the event of a backup site failure, the SANsymphony-V will instantly re-sync across disaster recovery sites as soon as the problem site becomes available.

VirtualSharp lends its ReliableDR, which boasts “guaranteed push-button failover and failback across clouds.” Leveraging SANsymphony-V storage hypervisor, ReliableDR works without hampering the recovery environment by creating “application and service-aware snapshots at a DR site that are guaranteed to work” as soon as a user flicks the switch. That instant-on backup capability allows this backup team to boast both disaster recovery assurance and the ability to meet strict recovery-point and time-based objectives, should a company require it.
Together, the solution has been dubbed SANsymphony-V plus ReliableDR. To get your hands on it, head over to either DataCore’s or VirtualSharp’s partner portal. Both companies are channel-friendly and feature a host of alliance partners, including VMware Inc., Citrix Systems Inc. and Microsoft Corp.

Worth noting: DataCore and VirtualSharp’s BDR approach is a software-only solution, making it flexible and uniquely tuned for the needs of cloud and virtualization...

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