Tuesday 7 August 2012

DataCore Storage Hypervisor Is Integrated and Optimized for Microsoft System Center 2012; Simplifies Storage Management for Private Clouds

System Center Alliance Partnership Enables Administrators to Deploy Smarter Private Clouds that Benefit from Richer Features, Including the Ability to Manage Itself


“Microsoft continues to partner with the world’s leading solution providers to bring companies the IT tools they need for achieving business goals,” said Andrew Conway, director of System Center product management at Microsoft. “DataCore’s SANsymphony-V Storage Hypervisor is a great complement to System Center. Together, they are helping businesses create, manage and monitor dynamic private cloud environments and reap the full benefits of their virtualization initiatives.”

DataCore Software, the storage hypervisor leader, premier provider of storage virtualization software and a Microsoft System Center Alliance partner, today announced that the company’s SANsymphony™-V Storage Hypervisor is optimized to work with Microsoft System Center 2012, allowing enterprises and data center operators to realize a new level of performance, manageability and ease-of-use from their private cloud deployments.

DataCore’s SANsymphony-V Storage Hypervisor allows Microsoft System Center 2012 users to gain the benefits of high availability and resiliency, disaster recovery, storage optimization and automated tiering, and capacity on-demand all through an intuitive and simplistic storage management interface. Together with Microsoft System Center 2012, IT administrators enjoy a high-performance private cloud environment requiring minimal management and time resources. End users are able to request resources, including storage provisioning with minimal IT involvement, creating an automated, self-service environment that can manage itself, including self-repair. This leaves administrators with more time to devote to their core functions versus managing the tedious complexities of their network infrastructure.

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DataCore Software Storage Hypervisor Boosts Performance and Resiliency of Microsoft SQL Server 2012 for Enterprises

An Ideal Platform for SQL Server 2012:
DataCore’s SANsymphony-V abstracts and presents disk storage from different devices to applications as a shared pool of resources. With an ability to process multiple database requests in tandem, the system can absorb random I/O spikes. Built-in adaptive caching fully leverages available memory to boost I/O performance of both read and write traffic. Database administrators (DBAs) have the option of using flash memory/SSDs, high-speed arrays, capacity disks or even cloud storage, all of which can be managed and auto-tiered efficiently by the storage hypervisor. Automated tiering also ensures highly active data files don’t compete with inactive blocks of data for I/O cycles. Additionally, transaction logs and other active data can remain on Tier 1, while backups and other inactive read-only data move to lower tiers.

DataCore also empowers high performance flash and SSD-based storage systems from alliance partners Fusion-IO, Texas Memory Systems, Violin, Savage IO, X-IO Technologies and other SSD vendors to deliver the very best price/performance to meet the needs of demanding SQL application workloads.

For SQL database protection, DBAs can schedule ongoing space-efficient snapshots with application-aware recovery points, or utilize DataCore’s CDP feature to capture and log all changes and allow recovery back to any point in time versus to a specific snapshot image.

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